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Welcome to the Tanki X Wikia

Welcome to this wikia site, it is truly an honor to have you here! This wiki has been ongoing since January 19, 2016.

If this is your first time being here, we would recommend that you visit the HELP SITE to get yourself comfy with the wikia's mechanism. If you consider yourself decently experienced, feel free to dive into the hub of knowledge and start contributing!

The Tanki X Knowledge Hub

This is an unofficial (hopefully made official) community-based project supported by the Tanki X community itself. It is aimed at providing informative, accurate, and reliable articles and resources regarding the game called "Tanki X", developed by AlternativaPlatform.

All tankers are welcomed to contribute every tiny bits of information they have, be it small or huge, obvious or hidden, significant or irrelevant.

Whatever you do, always remember: ONLY CONTRIBUTE YOUR INFORMATION IF IT IS 200% VERIFIED!

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